Ritual of woodworking day in Azar Abadgan Aras

On the occasion of Tree Planting Day and Natural Resources and Watershed Week and in line with the development of green space, preservation and maintenance of trees and the environment, the ritual of planting saplings was held in memory of the deceased in the field of public relations with the initiative of East Azerbaijan Public Relations Association and the Public Relations Coordination Council of the province. . This ceremony was attended by the political, security and social deputy of the governorate and a number of public relations managers of the executive bodies and the private sector and in line with the social responsibility of governmental and non-governmental institutions and with the aim of honoring the martyrs and the deceased in this arena by planting saplings. The memory of 12 of these loved ones was held at Abbas Mirza Park. Aras Steel Holding, as one of the member companies of this association and in line with social responsibility and protecting the environment, has actively participated in the implementation of this program, which was organized by the East Azerbaijan Public Relations Association and private sector factories.